July 2014 - News!

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  • Researchers and other interested people are invited to come to Linköping, Sweden for the First international meeting on Internet & Audiology, which will be held the 3-4 October 2014. This is not a typical conference as there will be no conference fee. Abstracts for short presentations (15 minutes) which present new and innovative research are invited; submission deadline is July 15, 2014    Website



  • Dr. Bing-Yi Pan is presenting a paper at The Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science (CSBBCS) conference in early July:  Pan, B.Y., & Cohen, A.J. (2014). Music training enhances implicit imitation of timing in both music and language domains.

The AIRS Test Battery of Singing Skills was employed to explore whether music training enhances the implicit rhythm acquisition in music and language imitating. 20 musicians and 20 non-musicians were asked to repeat 17 speaking and singing pieces after voice models. Normalized rhythms (responding rhythm divided by model rhythm) were compared. Over all 17 (4 language tasks) comparisons, musicians’ mean performances were closer to the model.

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June 2014 - News!

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  • The final AIRS Student and Early Career Researcher Workshop program (27-29 June 2014 at Ryerson University, Toronto) is now available. link

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  • An AIRS Symposium entitled: "Singing Across the Lifespan: Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing - A Lifespan Megaproject" organized by Laurel Young, Leader of the AIRS Sub-Theme 3.3 Singing and Health) will be presented at the 3rd meeting of the International Association of Music and Medicine (IAMM) 3:30 to 5:00 pm, Wednesday, June 25th, Walter Hall, University of Toronto Faculty of Music. The following 8 papers will be presented... link

  • The AIRS Policy & Planning Committee met at Ryerson University at the end of May. The meeting was very productive and successful in terms of progress on the project as a whole, and for planning of the book project.

P & P Committee Meeting    

May 2014 - News!

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  • AIRS Policy & Planning Committee met at Ryerson University on May 23rd.  The 16 Theme, Sub-theme, and Group Leaders are working to chart the course of AIRS to 2016, with a focus on the (1) theory underlying singing development, education and well being and (2) knowledge transfer to benefit society through research in singing. The evening Annual Business meeting will consolidate the day's discussion and overview the AIRS Student and Early Career Researcher summer workshop and progress on the AIRS Digital Library, among other items.  

  • Successful AIRS ‘Melody-On-The-Spot’ Challenge at the East Coast Music Association

AIRS wishes to thank Mike Speelman and his team of UPEI volunteers who represented AIRS in our partnership with the East Coast Music Association (ECMA) in presenting the ‘Melody-On-The-Spot: AIRS Challenge’ at the 2014 ECMW in Charlottetown, PEI on 3-5 April 2014.

ECMA artists and interested attendees were invited to participate in the fourth edition of the exciting ‘Melody-On-The-Spot’ Challenge contest. The ‘Melody-On-The-Spot’ challenge is a creative, improvisational contest in song-writing where you have a chance of crafting a new song ‘on the spot’ inspired by a choice of visual images provided by the AIRS research team. There’s one minute to compose, and one minute to sing. A panel of industry professionals will judge recordings of the songs, and prizes will be awarded to the individuals with the most creative and entertaining song.


  • At the Podium 2014 Conference, there were two incredible presenters! Both phenomenal leaders, Darryl Edwards and Carol Beynon, shared wisdom and expertise at Podium 2014.

Darryl Edwards    

Darryl Edwards, tenor, began his career a choral conductor, studying at UWO with Deral Johnson, and in summer sessions at Westminster Choir College with Shaw, Trego, Hausemann and Willcocks. He founded the Woodstock Fanshawe Singers, taught vocal/choral music at Saunders SS in London, ON, and then conducted the UWO Chorale. He holds B.Mus., B.Ed., M.Mus. degrees from Western U, and a DMA from U Michigan. He performs as a tenor soloist internationally. He is now Head of Voice Studies at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music, and Artistic Director of the Centre for Opera Studies in Italy (COSI).

Carol Beynon    

Dr. Carol Beynon is the Vice Provost of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (Acting) at the University of Western Ontario, former Dean of the Faculty of Education, Associate Professor of music education, and the Senior Artistic Director of the Amabile Boys & Men’s Choirs of London, Canada.  A former teacher, her research interests include studies in gender and singing, intergenerational curriculum development in singing, and informal music learning. She has several articles in peer-reviewed journals and co-author/editor of two books: Learning to Teach (2001) and Critical Perspectives in Canadian Music Education (2012).


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