October 2013 - News!

For more information, please see the video or contact: Thérèse De Groote, Senior Policy Advisor, SSHRC,  ifca-sica@sshrc-crsh.gc.ca


2014 will see a plethora of relevant bi- or tri-annual international meetings (ICMPC, ISME, Music and Neuromusic V, International Association of Music and Medicine),  as well as annually held meetings (MIMM Neuromusic, Congress, CAMT, CPA, CSBBCS, OR and more). Members of AIRS are encouraged to take these opportunities to disseminate their work. Deadlines are as early as October 15th.


  • Ludke, K. M., Ferreira, F., & Overy, K. (2013). Singing can facilitate foreign language learningMemory & Cognition, 2013 .

    This study presents the first experimental evidence that singing can facilitate short-term paired-associate phrase learning in an unfamiliar language (Hungarian). Sixty adult participants were randomly assigned to one of three “listen-and-repeat” learning conditions: speaking, rhythmic speaking, or singing. Participants in the singing condition showed superior overall performance on a collection of Hungarian language tests after a 15-min learning period, as compared with participants in the speaking and rhythmic speaking conditions. This superior performance was statistically significant (p < .05) for the two tests that required participants to recall and produce spoken Hungarian phrases. The differences in performance were not explained by potentially influencing factors such as age, gender, mood, phonological working memory ability, or musical ability and training. These results suggest that a “listen-and-sing” learning method can facilitate verbatim memory for spoken foreign language phrases.

September 2013 - News!

  • See a brief photo journal of 5th Annual Meeting highlights.

  • Abstracts, posters and slide presentations for 5th Annual Meeting can be viewed here

  • The AIRS 5th Annual Meeting  held in Toronto was a great success, thanks to the contributions of so many brilliant and creative minds involved in the AIRS initiative.

The AIRS 5th Annual Meeting was an extraordinary success judging from the spectacular array of posters, the stimulating talks, outstanding vocal  performances, inspiring collegial interaction, and lively camaraderie. At the opening session, the SMPC Chair,  Ryerson Dean of Arts ,UPEI Vice-President of Research,  AIRS Advisory Board, and  AIRS Director offered warm welcomes, and poster presenters each gave a 1-minute pitch about their poster.

April 2013 - News!

AIRS Updates:

  • AIRS Spring Newsletter

The AIRS Spring Newsletter is now available!

  • 5th Annual Meeting Update:

The forms for the submission of Abstracts, Student travel funding and Performance for the AIRS 5th Annual Meeting in Toronto, are now available for submission via the 5th Annual Meeting page.

Please note that all submissions must be recieved by Friday May 3rd, 2013.

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