June 2013 - News!

AIRS Updates:

  • Congratulations:

Congratulations to Frank Russo who has been elected by acclamation as the new President of the Canadian Acoustical Association.

Frank has previously held the positions of co-convenor of the CAA Annual Meeting, Director, and Editor of the Canadian Acoustics Journal, while continuing in his role as the leader of the AIRS Theme on Development.

Congratulations Frank!

  • Conferences:

June is conference month and AIRS members will be disseminating their work at several venues.

May News!

  • AIRS Members participate in the World Summit on Arts Education - Polylogue II

Lily Chen-Hafteck (Sub-theme 1.3 co-lead), Martin Gardiner (2.3), Larry O'Farrell (3.1, UNESCO Chair of Arts and Learning, Queen's University) and Susan O'Neill (3.2, and incoming Theme 3 Leader, Simon Fraser University) participated in the World Summit on Arts Education, 13 - 17 May 2013, Munich and Wildbad Kreuth, Germany.

July 2012 - News!

AIRS Midterm Report Submitted to SSHRC

The AIRS Midterm Report was prepared and submitted to SSHRC early in July. The Midterm Report summarizes the work done to date in the AIRS Project and provides a high level plan to project end, currently scheduled for March, 2016. The report will form the basis for a video-conference review by SSHRC at the 4th Annual AIRS Meeting in August, 2012. The midterm review is part of the SSHRC MCRI (Major Collaborative Research Initiative) process, and the SSHRC review committee will determine continuing funding based on the report and outcome of the review.

In addition to providing the required information for the SSHRC midterm review, this report is a valuable source of information for anyone interested in the work that has been done and the plans for continuation of the AIRS Project, and is available here for review.

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