December 2012 - News!

Read the latest AIRS Newsletter from the Director  (see attachment)


November 2012 - News!

Message di Voce, the AIRS Newsletter, Fall 2012 issue is now available! The newsletter provides a summary of the 4th Annual AIRS meeting and the Mid-term review. It includes important upcoming project dates and other dates of interest to AIRS members, and includes items that require your action as well, so please take time to review and enjoy this issue.


The Midterm Review Report arrived with  accolades for the team and recommendation to renew funding as well as other recommendations.  Annabel Cohen and the Steering Committee are working on a response  to the report which the granting agency has requested for mid-November.


Geneva Colloquium on Music and Emotion

AIRS Collaborator Johan Sundberg will be presenting the following workshop on Friday 16th November:

October 2012 - News!

2013 Language & Literacy Special Issue-Call for Submissions

Studies from around the world have shown that singing is a powerful practice that can promote a variety of positive benefits including bonding and trust between people such as mothers and children, problem solving, socialization, creativity, physical development, and language and literacy development, to name only a few (e.g., Booch & Hachiva, 2004; Campbell, 2010). To further illuminate the relationship between language, literacy, and singing, we are seeking paper submissions for a special issue of Language & Literacy: A Canadian eJournal from interested scholars.

Submissions can be made at:

For any further information or details, please contact the guest editor of the special issue, Dr. Zheng Zhang, on


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