February 2012 - News!

Volume 21 of Psychomusicology: Music, Mind & Brain, hot off the press in February, is a special volume entitled `Singing and Psychomusicology`.  Edited by Annabel J. Cohen and Sandra E. Trehub, the volume contains contributions from AIRS co-investigators and collaborators:  Mayumi Adachie, Stefanie Stadler Elmer, Simone Falk, Ichiro Fujinaga,  Mary Gick, Jane Ginsborg, Nathalie Henrich, Susan O`Neill, Jaan Ross,   Frank Russo,  Laurel Trainor, Christine Tsang,  Graham Welch,  and from AIRS Post-doctoral Fellow  Bing-Yi Pan, and students  Johanna Devaney, Rayna Friendly, and  Triinu Ojamaa.  Reviewers included AIRS members Bradley Frankland, Beatriz Illari, Henrietta Lempert, Sten Ternstrom, and Laurel Young among other experts from around the world. The articles will be available on-line through PsycArticles in the near future via publisher American Psychological Association under the EPF  (Educational Publication Foundation) imprint.

January 2012 - News!

Island Songs: A Global Repertoire - Edited by Godfrey Baldacchino (2011) has just been published by Scarecrow Press, a highly regarded publisher in the field of music and an imprint of the Rowman & LIttlefield Publishing Company.  Godfrey is the co-leader of AIRS Theme 3.1 Singing and Cross-Cultural Understanding, and is a Canada Research Chair in Island Studies at U. P. E. I . Congratulations Godfrey on this extraordinary volume arising from your leadership linking the AIRS initiative and Island Studies.  For more information  and how to order, click the hyperlink above.


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Therese Antonini - AIRS Project Manager

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Teleconferences are taking place for each of the 9 AIRS subthemes  Jan 9 to 20.

December 2011 Newsletter and Seasons Greeting

Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing  (AIRS)

University of Prince Edward Island

December 2011


To AIRS members:


Just 2 ½ years ago AIRS held its first annual meeting at the University of Prince Edward Island. Since then, over 70 researchers in 9 teams have collaborated in research on singing and development, education, and well-being. We have shared our growing knowledge in many different ways over these months-- a highlight being the annual meeting, coast to coast. The second one was in Seattle in conjunction with the International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC), and the third was in St. John’s, Nfld, in conjunction with the Festival 500 Phenomenon of Singing Symposium.


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