Dr. Patricia Campbell sends the following information for the AIRS community regarding the International Federation for Choral Music event "Choirs Transforming Our World: A Symposium" (22-23 June, 2012):

Please see the technical program for the AIRS 3rd Annual Meeting now available on the 3rd Annual Meeting information section of this Web site.

Click here for a direct link to program page.

"With Voices - We Unite!"

The Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing (AIRS)  UPEI Research Team will host its third annual AIRS  Regional Summer Workshop on the University of Prince Edward Island campus and at the Confederation Centre of the Arts from July 21 to 22, 2011.


The workshop’s title, “With Voices—We Unite,” sums up the purpose of the event—to review and integrate a variety of topics involving singing.



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