AIRS News  

  • Estonian Research Council interview with Dr. Marju Raju and Laura Välja (regarding their research supervised by Dr. Jaan Ross).  Link  

  • Congratulations to Ross Dwyer, former longstanding administrative officer for AIRS, who has recently been awarded the  Presidential Recognition Award of Merit for Staff at the University of Prince Edward Island, for his contributions to the AIRS Project, his current position as Research Manager of Young Lives, and his assistance with the  biennial  L. M. Montgomery Institute Biennial Conference. We have greatly appreciated Ross's support over the years and wish him continuing success in his current position.  Link 


AIRS News  

  • Singing Promotes Cooperation in a Diverse Group of Children. Arla Good and Frank A. Russo (Department of Psychology, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, Canada). LINK

  • Lay Listeners Can Evaluate the Pitch Accuracy of Operatic Voices, Music Perception: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol. 34 No. 4, April 2017. Pauline Larrouy-Maestri (Max-Planck-Institute for Empirical Aesthetics), Dominique Morsomme (University of Liege), David Magis (Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique-FNRS), and David Poeppel (Max-Planck-Institute for Empirical Aesthetics).   LINK

  • Singing Ability, Musical Self-Concept, and Future Music Participation, Journal of Research in Music Education,  January 2017. Steven M. Demorest (Northwestern University), Jamey Kelley (Florida International University), and Peter Q. Pfordresher (University at Buffalo, State University of New York).  LINK

  • Johan Sundberg invites all voice enthusiasts to organize events for World Voice Day 2017 - anything public centered on the voice (lectures, public rehearsals, seminars, symposia, concerts) and these can take place around April 16, but not necessarily only on April 16;  however, the Global Vocal Concert will be April 16 at 19.30 local time in each time zone, moving by time zone around the world. If you go ahead with this please mention the AIRS connection in your promotional material.  So far there have been 4 AIRS events over the last 2 years.




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