AIRS - Let's Celebrate Song Fiesta

Primary tabs

1 Trio - Lift Thine Eyes
Christina Bouey - soprano l Sung Ha Shin-Bouey - soprano II Michelle Bouey - alto
2 One Hand One Heart
Simone Falk - soprano, Rena Sharon - piano
3 He, Zigeuner - Hochgeturmte - Brauner Bursche
Maria Campbell - soprano, Jacqueline Sorenson - piano
4 Allerseelen - Morgen - Zueignung
Advancing Interdisciplinary Research on Singing. The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council is bringing research on Development, Education and Well Being. 75 Researchers in 16 countries are overseeing AIRS research on singing., 30, Canada, Cohen, A.J. (2011). AIRS Round. [Audio recording.], This is a piece composed by the AIRS Director, Dr. Annabel J. Cohen. It was recorded at the AIRS 5th Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada., Darryl Edwards - tenor, Rena Sharon - piano
5 Caro mio ben - Una Voca Poco Fa
Sylvia AbiKhattir-Mutch - soprano, Rena Sharon - piano
7 Pleurs d'or
Laurel Trainor and David Gerry - flutes
8 Del cabello mas sutil - El Vito
Sung Ha Shin-Bouey - soprano, Rena Sharon - piano
9 An Island singer's Journey
Teresa Doyle - vocalist, guitar
_10 Maria Szusanna
Nathalie Henrich - vocalist, Sung Ha Shin-Bouey - piano, Christine Bouey - violin
_11 A tenor, all singers above
Darryl Edwards - tenor
_12 They all laughed
Annabel Cohen - soprano, Jacqueline Sorenson - piano
_13 God Bless the Child
Michelle Bouey - vocalist, Sung Ha Shin-Bouey - piano
_14 Seasons of Love
Amici Ensemble Soloists: Aaron Hastelow, Natalie Sullivan; Jacqueline Sorenson - piano
_15 I've Got Rhythm
Amici Ensemble with Maria Campbell and Sung Ha Shin-Bouey - sopranos; Jacqueline Sorenson - piano


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