Coralie Vincent's AIRS 4th Annual Meeting presentations

The ELAN software is widely used in an increasing number of fields (social interaction, gesture analysis, sign language study, sound transcription,…) to create annotations for video and audio resources. One of the strengths of this tool is to be fully compatible (regarding import as well as export) with other transcription softwares such as Praat, CLAN. It also supports a large variety of audio and video file formats. The aim of this presentation is to briefly show the functioning of the ELAN software .

Audio recording quality, though sometimes neglected in field research, is crucial. The aim of this presentation is to show frequent problems and errors encountered when building corpora involving audio(-visual) data. First, simple elements of sound theory (amplitude, frequency,…) are described, and the basics of digital sound recording technology are explained. Then, the readers can experience common problems encountered when recording audio data through hearing sound examples. Finally, advices and solutions to these problems are given.


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