AIRS Sponsor Lunch - June 2013

AIRS sponsors, staff, Advisory Board members, and researchers meet for lunch June 28, 2013 to brainstorm ideas about how to inform and promote to the public and policy managers the important research findings of the Project

Some of the ideas raised include:

Where might there be more singing?
• In schools
       - Encourage spontaneous/natural singing.

• Prenatal classes
• Change how music education is done.
• Changing how singing is perceived in culture. Eliminate negative stigma.
• Making music supplies available at home.
• More music in universities.
• Music in health care.
• Singers & Musicians (the value of instrumentalists over singers).
• Career (making music for a living.
• Adult singing camps.
• Singing is not for free.
• Commercially successful music involves singing.
• Value of voice teacher not appreciated
• No choral programs
• Pursue increasing choirs.
• Budget line.
• Singing is both limited & unlimited.
• The more we do the more we have.
• Singing is an untapped resource.




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