22 May 2008- Minutes

AIRS proposal Meeting May 22, 2008

  • need to have clear goals associated with each
  • The first 3 themes are clearly research goals that just need to be specified in more detail with associated goals, but the last 3 need the most in terms of being operationalized ( intercultural understanding, intergeneration understanding and well-being)
  • they need to be defined, how would we measure them, what are goals or key outcomes?
  • Team Leaders: may have some new ones: Susan O’Neill, Jennifer Nicol, Isabelle Peretz. Commitment from some need to be reconfirmed.
  • vickie will check for proposals on line to see if we can find a good model

Plans for dissemination

  • need to be more specific
  • one idea is a special issue; include names of journals and letters from editors supporting the issue
  • also need plan for dissemination towards public, such as something at the confederation center, workshops with kids
  • we could have each of the theme leaders contact a big journal to get agreement to do a special issue sometime over the next 5-7 years
  • Annual AIR conference (see below for 2008)

Management structure and governance:

  • how are they defined and what is the difference? Annabel should ask this on her conference call with SSHRC people
  • We need to have clear objectives for proper management - one possibility is to have a UPEI person associated with each team, though this may give an appearance we are concentrated in PEI rather than collaborating with people in many places. This also seems unnecessary as we do have a project manager position at UPEI for the whole project duration
  • plans for management should include contracts, times lines, include students etc
  • the team should be able to communicate using the videoconferencing equipment- a good aim would be to do this before submission to be able to say that we can communicate as a group in the proposal


  • what do we ask for?
  • could include CC of Ministers for Eduacation, UPEI, other instyitutions, UNESCO, societies involved with culture.
  • need more than a “this is a great idea” letter. Real support, financial or in-kind
  • Get contact from Greg or Gloria before he leaves to help get letter of support from Barbera Hagerman for proposal


  • need to be more precise as to how students will develop skills; where will they be? WIll they have necessary resources (office space & student social groups)
  • possible Interdisciplinary PhD program in Science at UPEI- how can CMTC become involved? How close is this to realization?

AIRs conference 2008

  • Jul 31 or Aug 7 with following day (Friday for people to write if available)
  • Possible presentations
  • Betty Bailey- on thesis work
  • Students collecting signing acquisition data
  • one for each theme if possible
  • interspersed with singing- Sung-Ha, Theresa and others
  • Atlantic Canada centered; bring in stake holders, media
  • Lunch (free BBQ?)
  • Dinner and evening concert
  • at cost to member, but free concert
  • various performers, other cultures
  • Sung-Ha can arrange to have group of 8-10 older kids perform for 10-15 minutes(~ fee $30 each), though this will likely be during day (after Lunch?)
  • She may also have clips of kids from her group in beginning and late stages of ensemble -- fits well with critical periods stuff, as younger kids learn more quickly, could also talk about effect of training singers; diction, annunciation ect changes the way a singer speaks
  • invite people from government, singing teachers?


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