June 27, Neuromusic III, Montreal

At Neuromusic III in Montreal the following persons had a working lunch on Friday, June 27: Isabelle Peretz, Frank Russo, Laurel Trainor, Lauren Stewart, Stephen Brown, Simone Dalla Bella, Sandra Trehub, Jean Zarate, and Judy Platinga. Stephen Mithen, author of the Singing Neanderthal and recently appointed Dean of Science at Reading University gave an impressive address. The group agreed to invite Stephen Mithen to be on the arms-length AIRS Advisory Board. He has accepted. I also met with Rena Sharon who was unable to attend the Friday meeting, and also Boris Kleber from Tubingen conducting remarkable brain imaging research who will likely be joining the BRAMs group in a postdoctoral position in Montreal next year. A poster on the suggested protocol for singing acquisition data (Cohen, Armstrong, Lannan & Coady) was presented.


Steven Mithen Neuromusic III Steven Mithen - Neuromusic III
Steven Mithen Keynote at Neuromusic III - Montreal, June 2008 AIRS working lunch:  Sandra Trehub (U of T and BRAMS), Laural Trainor (McMaster Institute of Music and the Mind), Jeanne Zarate (Ph. D. Student, McGill & BRAMS), and one hand
AIRS Working Lunch (cont'd)  Isabelle Peretz (U de Montreal & BRAMS),  Steven Brown (McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind),  Simone Dalla Bella (Warsaw, and BRAMS) AIRS Working Lunch (cont'd) Frank Russo (Ryerson),  Lauren Stewart (University of London, Goldsmith's, Director Graduate Program in Music, Mind and Brain),   chair of photographer Annabel Cohen, Judy Platinga (3/4 view), Postdoctoral Fellow, U of Toronto)
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