July 1, ASA-EAA Joint Meeting Paris 2008

At the 2nd Joint meeting of the Acoustical Society of America at the European Acoustical Association in Paris the special session to honour Johan Sundberg, organized by Sten Ternström and myself, included Simone Dalla Bella, Jaan Ross, and Stephanie Stadler Elmer as invited speakers, and Johan Sundberg was also present and offered closing comments. This was the first public presentation of the AIRS project and it led to contacts with Masataka Goto creator of the RWC Music Database and co-organizer of next year’s International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (with our AIRS researcher, Ichiro Fujinaga). Kathleen Murray, a vocalist and graduate student in computer science at U. Penn, also followed up on our presentation. A working lunch took place Tuesday, July 1 at 12:30 and also included Nathalie Henrich, who had organized another special session on singing at the meeting, and Coralie Vincent who is an engineering technician supporting a major phonetics and phonology laboratory at the University of Paris. Coralie had previously assisted the Arts-Netlantic Project at UPEI several years earlier. Members of this group continued to meet over the next two days. Stephanie Stadler Elmer accompanied me to a meeting with Georges Poussin of UNESCO and his staff (set up by Larry O’Farrell, UNESCO Chair in Arts and Culture at Queen’s) and on a visit to IRCAM where we discussed with the eminent Xavier Rodet the possibility of partnership with IRCAM on three possible projects (acoustic analysis of choir singing, traditional singing in Corsica, and artificial intelligence models of singing – adapting programs created at IRCAM for voice synthesis, which we heard demonstrated). IRCAM is a renowned large facility dedicated to support new music and composition with the latest technologies. I also met Gina Cardillo a graduate student at the University of Washington, (a member of the Microsoft orchestra) who was keenly interested in the project.

ASA-Paris 2008

Poster (Cohen & Welton, 2008)

AIRS Working Lunch - Paris July 1, 2008 --
Coralie Vincent (CNRS-Paris, Stefanie Stadler Elmer (U. Zurich),
Annabel Cohen (UPEI, Proj. Director), Sten Terstrom (KTH Sweden),
Johan Sundberg (KTH Sweden), Nathalie Henrich (CNRS- Grenoble),
Jaan Ross (Tallinn, Estonia), Simnone Dalla Bella (Warsaw & BRAMS).

Stefanie Stadler Elmer at the ASA-EAA Symposium on
Interdisciplinary Research in Singing:
A Tribute to Johan Sundberg
Caption 2
Johan Sundberg at the ASA-EAA Symposium on
Singing in his honour (Paris, 2008)

Participants in the ASA-EAA Joint Meeting Paris 2008
Symposium on Interdisciplinary Research in Singing:
A Tribute to Johan Sundberg

Caption 1 Caption 2
Stefanie Stadler Elmer, Simone Della Bella,
Johan Sundberg, Annabel Cohen, Richard Sherer,
Sten Ternstrom, Jaan Ross
Stefanie Stadler Elmer, Simone Della Bella,
Johan Sundberg, Annabel Cohen - post Symposium
Sten Ternstrom and Jaan Ross Caption 2
Caption 1 Caption 2
caption 1 UNESCO - Headquarters
Caption 1 Caption 2
IRCAM Stefanie Stadler Elmer - IRCAM Paris
Caption 1 Caption 2
Caption 1 Closing ceremonies ASA-EAA - singer from US
Caption 1 ASA-EAA  closing ceremonies - including singing
Caption 1 Caption 2
Caption 1 Caption 2
Caption 1 Caption 2
Caption 1 Caption 2
Caption 1 Caption 2
Caption 1 Caption 2
Caption 1  
phonology research demonstration glottal pressure wave - non-invasive measure
Caption 1 Music, Language and the Mind - Boston (Tufts) July
Frank Russo - Music Language & the Mind, Boston (Tufts) Poster on Singing  -Music, Language & the Mind
Ms. Ludke (grad. student Edinborough) poster on singing  - Music, Language and the Mind, Boston - Tufts Annabel Cohen,  Frank Russo and graduate students  (part of AIRS student network) engaged in research in singing all attending the conference on Music, Language, and the Mind,  Boston (Tufts University), July 2008


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