DEC International Fellowships for advanced undergraduate students in Cognitive Science and in Linguistics

The Cognitive Science Departement of École Normale Supérieure in Paris (Département d'études cognitives, DEC) aims to recruit advanced undergraduate international students in Cognitive Science and in Linguistics. 

DEC and École Normale Supérieure offer several international fellowships, intended for advanced undergraduate students who will either directly enroll in a master's program (two-year or three-year fellowship) or first complete their last year of undergraduate studies and then enroll in a master's program (three-year fellowship). These fellowships will be attributed on the basis of a national competitive exam, known as the `ENS international selection.' For more details (including about eligibility), please visit here.

Fellowship recipients usually apply to the DEC's master's program - CogMaster  - which is jointly organized by the DEC and other Parisian universities, with the following 5 majors: 

(1) theoretical and experimental linguistics 
(2) mathematics and modeling 
(3) philosophy and social science 
(4) cognitive neuroscience 
(5) cognitive psychology 

The fellowships include: 
- monthly stipend: 1000 euros; 
- possibility of subsidized housing; 
- access to subsidized cafeteria (about 4 euros/meal); 
- minimal tuition fees (about 500 euros/year). 

How to Apply: 
More detailed information is available on line here.

Applications Deadline: 1-Feb-2017 

Web Address for Applications: click here.

Contact Information: 
       Maria Giavazzi


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