June 2018 - News!

AIRS News  

  • New research in Portugal by Felix Neto, highlighted in Pacific Standard Magazine, finds youngsters feel more positively toward members of an ethnic minority if they have learned songs from their culture, How Music Can Fight Prejudice, Felix Neto, Pacific Standard.  Read story here

  • A new paper aimed to assess whether a country’s performance in the Eurovision Song Contest is associated with life satisfaction and suicide mortality in European countries, "Euphoria" or "Only Teardrops"? Eurovision Song Contest performance, life satisfaction and suicide, Filippos T. Filippidis, Anthony A. Laverty, , BMC Public Health, 2018; 18 (1) DOI: 10.1186/s12889-018-5497-3     Link

  • A new published paper by Lauren Stewart presents two studies that describe the development and validation of the Music@Home questionnaire, which comprises two versions: Infant and Preschool. Music@Home: A novel instrument to assess the home musical environment in the early years. Nina Politimou , Lauren Stewart, Daniel Müllensiefen, Fabia Franco.    Link

  • A new study by Daisy FancourtEffect of singing interventions on symptoms of postnatal depression: three-arm randomised controlled trial, British Journal of Psychiatry, Volume 212 Issue 2, D. Fancourt and R. Perkins, Royal College of Music, London, assessed whether a novel psychosocial intervention could reduce symptoms of postnatal depression (PND) in the first 40 weeks post-birth. Published online.    Link 

  • Stephen Clift has a new publication, Community singing groups for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: participant perspectives. Perspectives in Public Health, Skingley, A., Clift, S. M., Hurley, S., Price, S. and Stephens, L. (2018), 138 (1). pp. 66-75. It is a descriptive qualitative study which included measures of lung function and wellbeing.    Link 

  • AIRS member Graham Welch is the co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of Music Education, Volume 1 (1 ed.) Edited by Gary E. McPherson and Graham F. Welch, which aims to guide educators through the full gamut of vocal possibilities: Individual adult voices and choirs, developing young singers, and aging adults.    Link 

  • Presentations by AIRS Members at the at the Podium 2018 Conference, St. John's NL, June 29-July 3, 2018:

June 29 - Multisite interdisciplinary research in singing: The AIRS example [ La recherche interdisciplinaire multisite dans le domaine du chant : l’exemple d’AIRS]  (Annabel Cohen, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada) - Research Paper Presentation 

June 29 - Collegiate colloquium: Roundtable discussion/forum for collegiate choral colleagues | Colloque collégial : table ronde et forum pour les collègues du monde choral collégial (Jennifer Lang, Janet Brenneman, Université de la Saskatchewan, Canada)  

June 30 - Singing: A fundamental human resource promoting wellbeing and health | Chant: Une ressource humaine fondamentale pour le bien-être et la santé   (Stephen Clift, Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health, UK) – Lecture (Garrison) 

June 30 - This thirsty land: Addressing contemporary issues through choral composition and performance | This thirsty land : Aborder des enjeux d’aujourd’hui grâce à la composition et à l’interprétation de musique chorale (Marta McCarthy, Université de Guelph, Canada)

June 30 - Take these broken wings and learn to fly: Tracking the learning and retention of singers with dementia in an intergenerational choral program | Suivi de la rétention des apprentissages chez les chanteurs atteints de démence participant à un programme choral intergénérationnel (Carol Beynon, Kathy McNaughton, Western University, Canada) 

July 2, Concerts of note:

Amabile Men’s Choir (Primus), conducted by Carol Beynon and Mark Payne , 28th Amabile Festival 2018 

Sirens, Prince Edward Island's Award-Winning Women's Choral Ensemble  

Full Conference program schedule can be found here.  

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Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops   view all upcoming

  • International Symposium on Universal Acoustical Communication 2018, featuring keynote lectures, poster session and satellite seminars for focused discussion on specific topics, October 22-24, 2018, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.  Link

  • PODIUM on the EDGE 2018: Singing from Sea to Sea to Sea,  St. John’s NL, June 29-July 3, 2018. Conference Program includes national-international keynote presentations, interest sessions, lecture-recitals, conducting masterclasses, workshops and reading sessions for conductors, choirs, administrators, students and choral enthusiasts. In addition, choirs will perform in 11 major Spotlight and Highlight Concerts. Program and Sessions schedule can be found here

  • ICAP2018,  International Congress of Applied Psychology & the Canadian Psychological Association's 79th Annual General Meeting, June 26-30, Montreal.  Event Schedule here.   Link 




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