3.1 Subtheme - Singing and Crosscultural Understanding

This sub-theme focuses on the role of singing in the promotion of cross-cultural understanding and the reduction of prejudice.  This is being examined using four different approaches: 1) extending Felix Neto's quantitative study of a three-month singing intervention in Portugal, the goal being replication and determining long-term influences; 2) a multi-year qualitative study involving school children in Canada, China, Kenya and Brazil, teaching music-cultural modules from each of the four countries over a number of weeks and tracking children's attitudes towards these cultures in the shortand long-term; 3) studying resilience and fragility of songs and singing styles within minority cultures, particularly in islands; 4) examining the origin and maintenance of multicultural choirs, starting with the creation of such a choir at UPEI.

This sub-theme is led by Godfrey Baldacchino (UPEI) and Lily Chen-Hafteck (Kean University)


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