2011-04-19: Students and Young Professionals teleconference meeting


  • Lisa Chan - Ryerson
  • Jean Emmerson – Saskatchewan
  • Amy Fancourt - London
  • Alicia Altass - UPEI
  • Uptola Borah - India
  • Sally Busch– Ottawa
  • Jonathan Lane - UPEI
  • Bing-yi Pan - UPEI
  • Annabel Cohen - UPEI
  • Deborah Annear - UPEI
  • Andrea Emberly - Australia


  • Cheryl Filipak - New Jersey
  • Rayna Friendly – McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
  • Ruth Reveal - Georgia
  • Gina Cardillo - Seattle
  • Sandra Cornaz - France
  • Judy Plantinga - Toronto
  • Leah Stevenson – UPEI

1. Purpose of meeting

  • Students are one of the most important part of the AIRS project

  • Students are future of the project and of research in singing

  • AIRS wants to show their support for students

  • AIRS wants to support students to research goals of the project and Milestones

  • AIRS wants to know what the students need and want

2. Main focus of AIRS is the Annual Meeting

  • This year meeting with be in Newfoundland, July 10-11th (and session on the 13th)

  • Today is the deadline for abstracts, to be submitted on the website

  • Awards will be available for students

  • It is also possible for students to participate musically, more information will become available if you would like to propose a musical event or share music at the meeting.

3. Newsletter

  • Send your information to the committee (Rayna, Christopher, Sandra)

4. Jonathan and updates

  • New listserv for students/yp has been created, you should receive an email by tonight

  • Limited flexibility since it is hosted by UPEI

  • Private list with private archives, private forum for the current group of students/yp

5. Digital Library

  • Repository for AIRS

  • Now created but not currently accessible (will be in the very near future)

  • Library will only be accessible to AIRS members in the beginning

  • Goal is for some things to be accessible to general public in the future

  • Some permissions can be enabled

  • Ultimate goal is for library to be maintained by UPEI library

  • If researchers have video/audio available for library, send an email to Jonathan to facilitate examples being put up online

6. Synergies among themes

  • This is the most important part of AIRS

  • There will be an opportunity at the general meeting to discuss possibilities

  • This will give weight to the overview of the whole project

7. Follow-up meeting in Newfoundland

  • There will be a student/yp meeting in Nfld.

  • Annabel wants to encourage all students/yp to attend meeting

  • Annabel also wants students/yp to know they are welcome at any of the meetings for the different AIRS groups

8. Annabel left meeting – students raise thoughts about any issues

  • No major pressing issues at the moment

  • How to support cross-fertilization of themes

  • AIRS website needs updating for student/yp list (Send Jonathan a current list and he will update it)

  • Blog not realistic for AIRS site (can do blog off site)

  • Facebook page changed so anyone can post on there (good place to share information)

  • Compile information from the newsletter to put on the AIRS site (once completed send to Jonathan to put up on site)

  • Student lunch at meeting – needs to be scheduled

9. Thanks for all for joining in, hope to see everyone in Nfld!


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