AIRS 4th Annual Meeting (Charlottetown 2012)

AIRS 4th Annual Meeting - A huge success!

Thanks to all who participated in the technical program, discussions, and song: AIRS Faculty Researchers,  Students, Partners, the Advisory Board, and special guests;  Attendees from 12 countries.  From the opening ceremonies to the grand finale with Darryl Edwards' vocal master class (collaborative pianist Rena Sharon), the conference was like none other in sharing new research and methodologies about singing,  and interdisciplinary interaction on the three research  themes  (Singing and Development, Education & Well-being) and the digital library.  Congratulations to all  for the work accomplished last year and for the energy directed to continuing and new initiatives for the year to come!

Thanks to the great core team at UPEI for all your support and to all in leadership roles on the various teams and committees, and to everyone for jobs well done in the spirit of full collaboration.


AIRS 4th Annual Meeting Poster Display:

Electronic versions of the posters displayed at the meeting are now available online at: AIRS 4th Annual Meeting Posters.


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