From Grece:Mélo mu Kókkeno

Mélo mu Kókkeno (My Red Apple)

Mélo mu kókkeno, róetho vamméno, (2)
Yate mê màranês ton pikramêno. (2)
Peyêno ke êrhomê ma thê sê vresko, (2)
Vresko ten pórta su a(m)baromêne,
Ta paratheria su fêggovolùnê.
Rotó to pàploma: «Pu en’ e kerà su?» (2)
«Kerà m’ then’ enê ’tho, pàise ste vrése,
Pàe ya na pie neró kê na yomése.

My Red Apple
My red apple, my painted pomegranate
Why did you wither me, the bitter one?
I go and come but I don’t find you;
I find your door shut and bolted.
Light shines in your windows.
I ask the mattress: “Where’s your mistress?”
“My mistress isn’t here; she’s gone to the fountain,
to drink and to fill her pitcher.


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