News 2020

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  •  The Routledge Companion to Interdiscipiinary Studies in Singing (Series Editor, Annabel J. Cohen) was published  in June,  2020.

    • Vol 1 Development (Edited by Frank Russo, Beatriz Ilari, Annabel  J. Cohen)

    • Vol 2 Education (Edited by Helga Gudmundsdottir, Carol Beynon, Karen Ludke, Annabel J. Cohen) 

    • Vol 3 Wellbeing   (Edited by Rachel Heydon, Daisy Fancourt, Annabel J. Cohen)

  • With over 100 chapters, the series heralds the importance of singing across the lifespan and offers foundations for practice, advocacy, and interdisciplinary research
  • Congratulations and thanks to all of the authors for their contributions representing perspectives from over 20 disciplines and 20 countries. 

                Note: The Companion Website will soon be released at this site.  Please contact Annabel Cohen at for further information.  



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