AIRS 2nd Annual Meeting, Aug. 22, 2010, Seattle


The 2nd Annual Meeting of AIRS will take place Aug. 22, 2010, in Seattle prior to the International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition. A book page has been created for the event. Please visit this central page for future details regarding the event.

Abstracts for presentations are to be submitted via the online Abstract Submission form,   (which is also found as part of the Travel Policy  (Policy #2)), byJuly 5, 2010. Students may also submit the request for Travel support.  A number of students have already submitted applications through involvement with the AIRS Student/Young Professional Group.  The Committee will be providing feedback on abstract acceptances and travel support requests by July 14 (with an aim to do this by July 9).

Venue. The meeting will take place at the Watertown Hotel, close to the University of Washington. A block of rooms has been reserved at the Watertown for the nights of August 21 and 22.  AIRS will contribute $100 toward the accommodation at this hotel or the University residence for the night of August 21st OR 22nd. This contribution arises because attendance of the AIRS Annual Meeting requires arriving one day early for the ICMPC11 meeting.  AIRS is providing a major contribution toward the extra expense.  For those who wish to share a room at the Watertown,  AIRS will attempt to make arrangements.  Please contact Deborah Annear at To book a room at the Watertown  call  the Hotel at (206) 826-4242.  Please specify that you are booking with the AIRS block for the night(s) of August 21 and 22.  AIRS is contributing to the cost of 1 night (or 2 nights if you are sharing a room).You might book for the 21st and then move to the residence or another Hotel, or you may stay on at the Watertown.  Should you wish to stay on at the Watertown for the entire ICMPC11, you will need to ask for a second reservation with the ICMPC11 block. Both room blocks are very limited in number,  so please book as soon as you can.  The rooms will be released  by July 23rd, so it is important to book by that time. Should there be any difficulty with your reservation,  please ask for Jessica at the Watertown, who is familiar with the AIRS and ICMPC room booking contracts.  By booking with AIRS, the cost of  the meeting  facilities at the hotel will be greatly reduced.  It was not possible to hold our meeting on the University Campus, and this particular Hotel provided the best facilities among the  various options available.

The detailed agenda for the Annual meeting will follow upon receiving submissions of abstracts.  In general the meeting will provide an overview from Team Leaders for each theme and group and  will provide opportunity for discussion as a plenary body, as a theme, and sub-theme. AIRS wants to capitalize on the presence of so many members of the team who are in one place at this one time during the year.   As at the Inaugural Annual Meeting in Prince Edward Island, last year,   singing will enhance the meeting before, during, and after formal sessions.  Meals and refreshments will be provided.  Plan for a full day including dinner together.  The AIRS Steering Committee is making plans, and anyone interested in being involved  in planning is welcome. Please contact

On-Site Policy and Planning Meeting prior to the Annual Meeting - August 21st, 7 pm.

For members of the Policy and Planning Committee  (Team Leaders and Co-Leaders for Research Sub-themes, Global, Ethics, Digital Library, Student, Partner, and Stakeholder group) there will be a meeting  August 21, 7:00 pm the night before the AIRS Annual Meeting, in order to connect and re-connect,  and to review Year 1's achievements of each group  with respect to the milestones and review the goals of the meeting for the next day in light of the milestones to be achieved for Year 2. Details to follow.

Other AIRS meetings beyond the Annual Meeting.

  1. Student/Young Professionals. Organized by Andrea Emberly,  all students and young professionals involved with singing research will meet at at time to be specified to meet, have some fun, and discuss the entire project from the student/ young professional perspective.
  2. Theme  3.1  AIRS Test Battery.   The AIRS Theme 3.1 will hold a meeting of several hours at some time during the ICMPC11 conference in order to review and finalize the AIRS test battery.
  3. Other sub-theme teams may also wish to arrange to meet formally or informally during the conference, as the time will be short on the AIRS General Meeting day (recalling that time was short for the first Annual meeting held over a 4-day period).   The Wednesday afternoon of the ICMPC11 conference is open, and provides an opportunity for fun and getting to know the members of your team. Of course people going to ICMPC11  may identify with several networks or research interests, so the free Wednesday may not be so free, but there will be many other opportunities during ICMPC11 to meeting and ideas for this can be generated duiring the AIRS Annual Meeting day.

There is much to look forward to then with the 2nd AIRS Annual Meeting followed by ICMPC11 in Seattle!


AIRS staff are working towards providing the results of Project research, so that information and research findings can be shared amongst the researchers and interested individuals.  Please direct any questions or comments regarding the AIRS Web site to the AIRS Information Technology Coordinator. Contact information can be found on our Contact AIRS page.