• Sung Ha Shin-Bouey (Prof)

    Sung Ha Shin-Bouey (Prof)'s picture
    Affiliation: UPEI Music Department
    Professional background

    Professor of Voice & Choral Studies Performer Vocal Coach Choral Conductor Music Arranger

    Research interest

    Performance One-on-One lesson, Masterclass on repertoire, Workshops (both small & large groups) on Techniques - Easy, Natural, and Correct Vocal/Sound Production

    Research interests relevant to AIRS

    Same as above

    Potential contribution to AIRS

    Leading a vocal workshop for groups during a conference Chief Program Coordinator for the AIRS Concert Ragazzi Jrs Vocal Ensemble along with Dr. June Countryman, Natalie Sullivan (student assistant)

  • Rena Sharon

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    Affiliation: UBC
    Professional background
    B.Mus., M.Mus. (Indiana); Professor, Collaborative Piano; in addition to her concert schedule, also lectures extensively about Art Song topics and Chamber Music; creator of the Vancouver International Song Institute - interdisciplinary research, study and performance of Art Song and other song genres; Artistic Director of the Young Artist Experience; recipient of the UBC Dean of Arts Award for teaching, research, and community outreach; Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies in 2011-2012
    Research interest

  • Karen Jensen

    Karen Jensen's picture
    Affiliation: University of Manitoba
    Professional background

    Professor of Voice and Vocal Pedagogy at the Desautels Faculty of Music, University of Manitoba; Ph.D. University of London, U.K. Thesis: Extended Vocal Technique Recital Diploma, Performers, Royal Academy of Music, London Bachelor of Music (Performance) University of Saskatchewan

    Research interest

  • Jiaxing Xie

    Jiaxing Xie's picture
    Affiliation: Music Research Institute of the China Conservatory
    Professional background

    Professor and director of the Music Research Institute of the China Conservatory, distinguished professor of the Art Institute of Henan University and member of the External Examination Committee of Hong Kong Institute of Education. He holds a PhD in Music Aesthetics (2004) from the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing. On the ISME Board since 2010 he is also an executive member of CSME, director of the CSME Academic Committee of Music Education. He played a central role in organizing the 29th ISME World Conference 2010, and in 2011, organized a seminar in Beijing with ISME Community Music Activity Commission. He is adviser to the Asia Pacific Symposium on Music Education Research, served on the Board of the International Music Council. He is on the international advisory board of the British Journal of Music Education

  • Jane Ginsborg

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    Affiliation: Royal Northern College of Music
    Research interest

    Expert performance research, singing, practising, memorising, collaborative preparation for performance

  • Jaan Ross (PhD)

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    Affiliation: Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
    Professional background

    Undergraduate studies at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, 1975-80; Postgraduate studies at the Moscow State Conservatoire, 1986-87; Ph.D. in musicology, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, 1988; Ph.D. in psychology, Abo Academy University, Finland, 1992; Membership, Estonian Academy of Sciences, 2003; Currently professor at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Department of Musicology

    Research interest

    Perception and production of sounds of music and speech

    Research interests relevant to AIRS

    Within the AIRS framework, I have been assigned to Sub-theme 1.3, Test Battery of Singing Skills. Together with my students, we are working in order to fit the Test Battery to the Estonian language and cultural background. After a pilot study, 43 children aged between four and six have recently been tested. Analysis of the collected material is in progress.

    Potential contribution to AIRS

    In Estonia, we live and work in a society where singing has a somewhat special position. In late 1980s, the so-called singing revolution (parallel to the velvet revolution in Prague) took place in Estonia, which means that singing was used in order to achieve certain political goals, i.e. restoring our independence from the former Soviet Union. Historically, four-part choral singing has been a norm in the Estonian educational system since early 19th century. National song festivals with tens of thousands of participants take place in Estonia regularly after every few years. Such an experience has a potential value which may contribute to achieving goals of the AIRS project.

    Expected benefit from the AIRS collaboration

    I would like to place the work of my students in Estonia in a larger international context and to provide them with additional resources for stipends, travel, and professional services and supplies. 

  • Darryl Edwards

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    Affiliation: University of Toronto
    Research interest

    Teaching of Singing, Performance Psychology, Music Performance

  • Steven M. Demorest

    Steven M. Demorest's picture
    Affiliation: University of Washington
    Research interest

    Singing Accuracy; Crosscultural Music Cognition; Male Participation in Singing

  • Carol Beynon

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    Affiliation: University of Western Ontario
    Research interest

    singing music education male choral singing


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