How to create an account?

In order to fully participate in the online AIRS community hosted on our Virtual Research Environment (VRE) Web site, you must be an AIRS registered user. Membership is limited to project collaborators, and login credentials are provided to AIRS members and registered users only. To request an AIRS account, please contact the system administrator at Include in your request your academic affiliation and/or professional credentials, a description of current research projects and activities that pertain to research on the singing voice, and your interest in collaborating with AIRS.

Obtaining/Accessing an AIRS Account

If you are an AIRS member, but do not yet have (or need to reset) your login credentials, please email the system administrator at

Need Help?

If you have any difficulty obtaining or accessing your account, please contact the AIRS Information Technology Coordinator, Tom Germaine (, immediately.

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AIRS staff are working towards providing the results of Project research, so that information and research findings can be shared amongst the researchers and interested individuals.  Please direct any questions or comments regarding the AIRS Web site to the AIRS Information Technology Coordinator. Contact information can be found on our Contact AIRS page.